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20. März 2017
In many ways, a country’s health care says a lot about the society of the respective country. One can even argue that principles of the health care directly translate to the educational system. If that is true, the USA are losing it. They are losing it all - at least from a European perspective. Republicans fired at the <<Affordable Care Act>>, also known as Obamacare. Under Donald Trump, it is going to be replaced by the <<American Health Care Act>>. The consequences...
18. Juli 2016
breakfast table
Have you ever wondered what Europe is exactly? Henry Kissinger once said, „When I call Europe, I don’t know whom to call.“ Critics may say that the same applies to the European Union. Populist and far right parties across Europe seem to bury the concept of the European idea. Being the top of the iceberg, the Brexit vote in Great Britain shows a trend of political movements believing that countries are better off on their own. But are they really and under which circumstances does a united...