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12. Juni 2017
London, night, bus
What should have become a clear mandate, turned into a political defeat. Theresa May’s Torys may have won the elections but lost the absolute majority. Now, May will form a government based on a coalition to lead a divided country. But in the big picture, does not failing to reach the goals set out before the elections generally mean that one would resign?
06. März 2017
fighting for human rights
The latest developments concerning the relations between Germany and Turkey raise the question whether the concept of democratic rights is fully understood. Because democracy is not solely defined by the citizens’ vote but by basic rights that apply to everyone. For instance, the separation of power or the human rights. Talking about the separation of power, a free and healthy press is an essential part of it. Two powerful politicians seem to ignore that and either call respectable press...
31. Oktober 2016
Coffee mug
CETA is resolved, finally. Representatives of Canada and the European Union signed a treaty that has been negotiated for five years and has been finalized in late 2014, yesterday. Wallonia gave up its initial resentment in order for Belgium to agree to the part of trade of CETA. However, some resentments are stille there and they are louder than ever. But what is it exactly that the opposition of CETA is concerned about?
27. September 2016
The first debate between the two presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is over. I am not going to go through the debate step by step and analyze a freak show second to none. In any other country, those two would not have a chance in a presidential run. Even in the United States, they are facing the only person they could possibly beat. I am going to reflect on something that has been mentioned numerous times during their campaigns. Character and temper. From an outside...
12. September 2016
Gedenken an 9/11 mit zwei Lichttürmen
It was and still is a collective trauma. We all remember exactly what we were doing that day, that moment. Of course, we were frightened. For the first time, the tensions in the Middle East reached us. That was also when we were confronted with the consequences of our actions in the Middle East for the first time. We became victims of cruel terrorism and to that very day we still are. What happened that 9/11/01 still sticks with everyone of us and changed our life significantly. But after 15...
01. August 2016
breakfast table
We are witnesses of a historic development. After the unsuccessful coup of the military to sustainably change the political system in Turkey, president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is going through a worrying phase of „strengthening“ his power. In this week’s edition of the English Breakfast I would like to take a moment and reflect on what is happening before our very eyes. Of course, this is from my perspective and resonating my beliefs. But as a European citizen, I have the right to think...