The Miscalculation of Theresa - English Breakfast

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Source: 06/11/2017

What should have become a clear mandate, turned into a political defeat. Theresa May’s Torys may have won the elections but lost the absolute majority. Now, May will form a government based on a coalition to lead a divided country. But in the big picture, does not failing to reach the goals set out before the elections generally mean that one would resign?

Margaret Thatcher written all over it

The roots of May’s political attitude were set in the 1970s when Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The European Union was still relatively young and Britain was considered to be a big player geopolitically. Now, over 30 years later, the things have changed.

The European Union has gotten bigger and more influential. But failing to cope with the refugee crisis, scrutinized the EU and the values it has been built upon. Furthermore, the people of Great Britain democratically decided to leave the European Union. Remember, back when Thatcher was Prime Minister, the UK needed the EU economically.

Austerity & a Hard Brexit

In times when we would need to get closer together in Europe, people tend to believe that challenges could better be solved within the national boarders. That is why Theresa May wants a hard Brexit at all costs. From what people living in London tell me, the policy of austerity is the main paradigm of politics.

That has negative effects on the health care system, on education and on the socially weak. There are a lot of terrible examples for that. One are the regulations in the field of income if one partner is not British. If the other one fails to reach that limit, he/she is not allowed to live in the UK. That has negative effects on international families.

Showing true colors

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Source: 06/11/2017

Usually, in contrast to some politicians, people do not see things in black and white. That is the reason why the parliament should be a representation of the citizens and the multiple opinions. After all, that is what we call a democracy. Consequently, there are a lot shades of grey. Generally speaking, the incompetence of politicians to see these shades worry me. Theresa May wanted an election to get the permission to officially ignore these shades. But the people denied her that wish. Now, she has to show her true colors. Either, she is going to embrace the plurality of political shades or, she should have the decency to step aside.