English Breakfast: Getting the Facts Right!

"Do we get the leader we deserve?"
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The more I listen to Donald Trump, the more I shake my head in anger and disbelief. Often, I write about politicians confusing facts and trying to reach better results in elections due to their behavior made of lies. The current Trump administration is taking that to a whole other level and it is not going to get better any time soon. In school, we teach the children to reach the facts right, to criticize every information available and scrutinize it. Now, we are told to just believe someone who is not willing to accept facts if he does not like them? We should believe someone who defines what is fake and what is real news? And old saying says: <<Believe the one who is searching for the truth, not the one who found it.>>

Talking about Europe!

Things have gotten worse compared to ten years ago, let’s get this out of the way. The challenges our society is facing are serious and delicate. We need to be cautious and wise. Donald Trump is none of those things, unfortunately. Then, he starts talking about the terror in Europe. According to him, it is happing all over Europe. Nothing gets true if you say <<It’s true>> Mr. Trump. What is happening all over Europe? The IRA-Terror in Irland, the RAF-Terror in Germany or the ETA-Terror in Spain - the Basque region to be exact?

The pending third world war due to the Cold War, between the western society and the Soviet Union - Russia that you, Mr Trump, sympathize with? No, wait! That was largely in the 1980s. Get your facts right. The Islamist terror is frightening and we need everyone on board to fight it. But a so called <<Muslim ban>> that does not even involve Saudi Arabia is not going to cut it.

<<Believe the one who is searching for the truth, not the one who found it.>>

We have eyes

What is left of your speeches, Mr Trump, if you erase the words <beautifully>, <nicely>, <Trump>, <great> and <it’s true>? Not much. I am not criticizing the democratic decision made by the US citizens. Although we can talk about how someone is able to win the popular vote (Clinton), that is what I would call a democracy, and loses by the electoral vote. But I am not going to discuss American affairs, as you should not discuss European affairs. Since taking office, your actions have been to authorize a stupid wall, ban Muslims from specific countries that you have not economical interests in and insult judges for doing their jobs. Not very presidential, but who am I to judge?

Get your facts right!

Trump animation
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Before trying to implement your alternative world based on alternative facts, read the facts  right as they are and consult with someone who knows a thing or two. The so-called Muslim ban is just not on constitution. A constitution that you, Mr Trump, have sworn to protect during your inauguration. Criticizing judges, a pillar of any democracy and fighting against their ruling, is the exact opposite of what you, Mr Trump, have sworn. If we were talking about a student in school, we would say that this would be an F. It’s true …