English Breakfast: Missing Education Celebrated!

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For the educational system, Donald Trumps victory was one of the worst things that could have happened. After a few months in office, things do not get any better, as far as I am concerned. The latest proof for that was Sean Spicer’s lack of historical perspectives. To compare Bashar al-Assad to Adolf Hitler is one thing, to call concentration camps <<holocaust centers>> another. No matter how far right the government in any European country is, such a statement would be off limits. The fact that Sean Spicer did not lose his job immediately, tells a lot about the lack of historical knowledge within that administration. Where are we heading towards to?

When it become <<okay>>, …

Throwing a frog into hot water, he would jump out of it immediately. But put him in cold water an raise the temperature slowly. He would get used to it and burn. That is exactly what is happening with us right now. Someone says something offensive and we are shocked at first. After a while, there is another display of either political incorrectness or something insulting. This time however, it is <<okay>>.

The current US-administration operates that way and Sean Spicer is a perfect example for that. But the truth is that it is never okay to insult or defame people. Calling concentration camps holocaust centers is insulting to those who were murdered during the holocaust and to their families.

Which role models?

We elect those politicians who represent us best. That is how a democracy works. In rare cases, we are searching for a role model, a strong man/woman to lead us along the way. But that is for times of crises. Right now however, we are in the midst of an economic crisis but compared to the situation 30 years ago, we are doing great. We do not believe in prioritizing moral or political correctness and therefore do not search for political role models. But maybe, we should. 

Easter is around the corner

For Christians, the Easter celebrations are a reminder of the bad and evil in the world and the time to put things in perspective. I am not religious, but I think that it is about time to let sink in the events of the last few months. Are we shifting towards a society where political incorrectness, insults of people and the lack of historical understanding becomes <<okay>>? In the end, it is not about political correctness or choosing different words. It is about respecting one another and finding ways for a fruitful coexistence.

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There are certain things that you cannot say sitting in the White House or representing the president of the United States. Political correctness is like a basic behavioral code for politicians. It should ensure that politicians act with respect for one another. The Trump administration acts differently. Respecting people becomes a matter of definition and understanding history is not important anymore. But this is a two-way street. Basically, I lost the respect for someone not respecting people and I am pretty sure that a lot of Europeans feel the same way.