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15. August 2016
Donald Trump during one of his crazy speeches
Trevor Noah finally called him a stand up comedian. If you listen to his speeches and close your eyes, you could believe being in a comedy club and not listening to a presidential candidate. Donald Trump is a phenomenon, and not in a good way. He insults people, behaves like a true racist, changes his mind depending on his mood and lately, he threatens Hilary Clinton. President Obama was right about one thing: Outside of the United States, no-one really understands what is going on in this...
25. Juli 2016
Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton
From a European perspective, the election campaigns for the presidential elections this coming fall seem to be a little bit ridiculous. Both, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are probably running against the only candidate they could beat. In any other election race, the eMail-affair would be the end to Hilary’s ambition and Donald Trump would not even be taken seriously given his intellectual approach to pretty much anything. Are the American people dealing with a decision for the lesser of...