English Breakfast: A dangerous Clown?

Donald Trump during one of his crazy speeches
Source: Mike Licht / Flickr

Trevor Noah finally called him a stand up comedian. If you listen to his speeches and close your eyes, you could believe being in a comedy club and not listening to a presidential candidate. Donald Trump is a phenomenon, and not in a good way. He insults people, behaves like a true racist, changes his mind depending on his mood and lately, he threatens Hilary Clinton. President Obama was right about one thing: Outside of the United States, no-one really understands what is going on in this election. Outside the United States, a man like Donald Trump would not be taken seriously, he would be booed off the stage. In this week’s English Breakfast I am going to take a few minutes and reflect on someone who really is a joke, but a dangerous one.

Have an opinion!

One thing has become very obvious, at least to everyone outside the Trump-supporters: He is not a politician, he is not even a political amateur. He is a beginner and puts his foot in his mouth at every opportunity that presents itself to him. People in the Trump camp are busy to interpret what he really meant in his last speech. For anyone not running for office, this is great fun to watch. But if you are running for president of the United States of America, your opinions matter. People need to know who they are electing and doing what Donald Trump did is not going to help.

The past campaigns taught us one thing: You can have an opinion so far from the mainstream that people are going to think that you are weird. You can have radical opinions or even be a racist (look at some politicians in Europe). People are going to vote for you or they will not. But you have chance if you give them a clear picture of who you are. And I personally do not think that people in the USA see things a lot different than people in the rest of the world.

The Clown is out of control!

Granted, Donald Trump is fun to watch and to some extend entertaining. The question for people outside of the United States - like me - has arisen whether or not people are really considering to vote for a man who praises undemocratic world leaders (such as Kim Jong-un or Saddam Hussein), who believes that building a wall is going to help with anything, who threatens people, who belittles the feelings of a family who lost their son in combat or who officially calls for Russia to hack the Government’s eMails.

No-one is successfully consulting Donald Trump before he opens his mouth or tweets something stupid. No-one taught him the 101 of political dos and don’ts and most likely he would not have listened. Does one of the most powerful countries - if not THE most powerful country - need a president who knows nothing about what is happing outside of Trump Tower besides the rules of corruption? How can this man represent more than 318 million Americans? I do not know.

The invisible wall!

As a European and someone who cares about humanity and the overall trend in the world (which frankly is frightening me), I am worried about these elections this coming November. I am also worried about what is going to happen in Austria the month before. Right now, the only way I can see the wall to Mexico being built is by the Mexicans themselves if Donald Trump gets elected. Not to do him a favor but to make sure that Donald Trump himself is never going to set foot on Mexican ground. Diplomatically speaking, this could happen to the U.S. anyway. A large number of Republicans feel the same way and publicly said that they will not be voting for Donald Trump. Hopefully, they set the tone …