English Breakfast: The Presidential Election!

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton
Source: http://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/660/cpsprodpb/11511/production/_89592907_composite.jpg

From a European perspective, the election campaigns for the presidential elections this coming fall seem to be a little bit ridiculous. Both, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are probably running against the only candidate they could beat. In any other election race, the eMail-affair would be the end to Hilary’s ambition and Donald Trump would not even be taken seriously given his intellectual approach to pretty much anything. Are the American people dealing with a decision for the lesser of two evils’?

Tough choice!

Either one is going to vote for a woman who would not have had any chance in any other election due to her lack of management of eMails - a task any child could deal with - or, one votes for a clown pretending to be successful and believing that a wall would solve anything. Zero political experience and no feeling for diplomacy whatsoever is a toxic combination for a politician with that much power, as far as I am concerned.

But the scariest part of Donald Trump are his supporters. They are either radical conservatives, racists or both. The radical conservatives believe that the USA are in a worse condition than before Obama took office. Forget about the financial crisis, the real estate market and the unemployment rate. All these numbers improved but still, Barack Obama is held accountable for the missing gold on America’s streets.

Responsibility or what?

The last time I checked, USA’s contribution to solving the migration crisis is laughable bearing in mind that the pursuit of interests in oil were part of the problem in the first place by destabilizing the Middle East. But okay, Europe should be able to deal with it without the United States of America. The president in charge has a lot of responsibility. But who knows what crazy ideas Donald Trump has on his mind tomorrow? The lack of responsibility also applies for Hilary Clinton.

It seems like there is neither a vision nor an inspiration driving Hilary except of being the first woman in American history to become president of the United States. But in doubt, better to vote for a bureaucrat with very little inspiration and no vision than for a man with radical views who rhetorically keeps adding oil to the fire of pretty much any major conflict. After the second Bush administration, Barack Obama had to work really hard to repair the image of the United States. Trump would destroy that in about two days.

All bad in the last 4 years, really?

By the way, can any American please tell me what was wrong with Obama? The vision that everyone should have health insurance? Even Cuba has that! The deal with Iran? Well, it is better to talk to people than judging then from a distance. Deals do not work one way. Even Trump has to accept that. Even though he seems to like the „management style“ of Wladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. It is better to vote for a bureaucrat than for a clown. It is wiser to chose moderation than polarization. Bottom line: the sad truth is that they both would lose against any other candidate and that is never a good sign …